About Buildarium

Buildarium is an open-source, hobby project developed by Buck Tower and Diego Maceda, two friends studying computer science at The University of Texas at Austin.

Like many kids, we enjoyed collectible building toys like LEGOs, Minecraft, Lincoln Logs, Roblox, K'Nex, etc when we were small, but figured sandbox creations could be so much more than plastic models that gather dust on a shelf or simple digital structures interesting to observe or maybe destroy but not much else.


Nothing beats physical building blocks, and with the ever-decreasing costs of 3D printing each year, plastic building blocks are a perfect basis to experiment in replacing the environmentally-harmful mass-production of plastic by allowing people to print their own kits at home, local library, UPS store, etc with 3D printers.

After purchasing a blueprint, we simultaneously ship a large envelope with a compatible base plate for building on and digitally send both building instructions and 3D printing files to easily print out all needed bricks by the time your base plate arrives through the mail. We can also print bricks for you ahead of time.

Creativity Unleashed

With the base plate and bricks ready, the instruction manual is more of a foundational cookbook for what you could build rather than a strict rulebook:

The benefit of 3D printers is that you can print nearly any possible shape you can imagine in any quantity! Instruction-based assembly is just a springboard for real creativity and ideation to take place to take your model to a unique and new place no one has taken it before.

Shelf Life: Forever

After finishing a build, you can hold a mobile device up to it to scan the RFID sticker underneath to digitize your build and interact with it in the ever-expanding Buildarium Universe.

In harnessing Unity, Metal, Oculus, and HoloLens, among other technologies, Buildarium Universe provides a fun environment to launch into and ensure the dust never settles on your kit.

Making a Difference

Microplastics in the ocean pose a serious threat not only to marine life but also humans:

We believe in the need for action. As a result, we are committed to donating half of profits to 5 Gyres, a 501(c)(3) organisation that uses science and education to drive solutions to ocean plastic in addition to us promoting 3D printing to help eliminate the 40% of plastic that is packaging.

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